The Practice

The big breakthrough from the Global Theory of Information and the associated tools is that a common knowledge representation that goes beyond the data structures to knowledge structures and information processing structures that use current Turing Machine based computations to create a Structural Machine. This can be done as an overlay on top of current IaaS and PaaS and AI algorithms as knowledge network nodes. This will be similar to how the mammalian brain repurposed existing reptilian brain with an overlay architecture and a common knowledge representation of system behaviors which include the computer and computed in its genome. The breakthrough here is the common knowledge representation in the form of a composable knowledge networks. An important part of this approach is the digital consciousness infused into current state of the art application deployment using super-symbolic computing where the computer and the computed are in harmony with autopoietic and cognitive knowledge to manage stability and risk caused by the non-deterministic fluctuations.

Various practitioners will discuss their use case implementations and experiences, using the new tools, such as:

  • Reliable Applications on an unreliable infrastructure: Autopoietic distributed workloads maintaining their stability with self-replication, self-scaling, self-protection from both environmental fluctuations, and external threats – Benefit is Cloud Agnostic Workloads instead of Cloud Native lock-in and independence from IaaS and PaaS lock-in.
  • Multi-modal information processing structures: Integrating symbolic and sub-symbolic computations with super-symbolic computation. Benefit is real-time integration and analysis from multiple data insight from AI with a common knowledge representation which allows real-time risk prediction and mitigation based on globally shared knowledge, model-based deep reasoning and the memory with historical best practices.
  • Sentient, resilient and intelligent robot with the sense of “self” and its role in the universe. Benefit is robots with self-consciousness (with autopoietic and cognitive behaviors) collaborate and contribute to collective consciousness and ethical culture among humans and machines.
  • Etc., etc…..
Here is a potential application of the general theory of information and the use of associated tools to eliminate single vendor lock-in or the tool fatigue of heterogeneous cloud management or the the threats we cannot control today with current state of the art IT

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