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Here is a synopsis of some interesting papers discussed at “The 2021 Summit of the International Society for the Study of Information September 12-19, 2021. “

This summit is as important as the first Dartmouth conference on AI and the first Santa Fe conference on complexity which started new areas of computer science. Discussions on Information and knowledge are highly relevant to how we should infuse autopoiesis and cognition into current generation IT to improve efficiency, resiliency and intelligence at scale.

Our knowledge of information processing mechanisms stems from three important advances in:

Fusion of Information Processing Structures, Genomics, and Neuroscience
  1. Our understanding of the genome, neuroscience and cognitive behaviors of biological systems,
  2. Our use of digital computing machines to unravel various mysteries about how our physical world works and to model, monitor and manage it, and
  3. A new set of mathematical tools in the form of named sets, knowledge structures, cognizing oracles and structural machines .

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